I trust people too much. I have been screwed over in so many friendships that tit makes it harder to trust the next person. Theres always a line you draw when you are meeting someone and getting to know them. You don't tell too much because you want to feel out their personality and things like that. I know where that line is but at times I cross it and let a little too much go. It just seems the friends that know the most about me are the ones that always seem to screw me over. People wonder why I am friends with mostly guys. Now you know, girls suck. That's right I said it. Granted I've been screwed over by guys also. But they have the balls to tell me to my face what they think of me or what they heard about me. Girls just like back talking and back stabbing. If you don't like something about me or think I'm annoying or whatever, tell that to my FACE. We aren't in high school anymore. This person has done this to other people before too I'm sure. Well he/she might be losing 2 good friends in this process. I am not taking this anymore. Trust will have to be earned and it will take a while now. This messed up my whole view on friends in general.
Li // 11:26 AM


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