Haven't written here in awhile. figured since i have some spare time...i'd write. Hope everyone's christmas was good. Mine was good :) New years is comin quick which means Hawaii is almost here! January 8th-January 15th I will be in Hawaii with Rich, Jess, and the Verspoor's. Goos stuff. Haven't flown in my life so hey why the hell not go on a LONG flight. Im jsut hoping I dont panic or anything. I should be fine. With the semester over, I ahve a lot more time to read. I am reading Bergdorf Blondes. Not sure if i would recommend thgat to anyone or not yet. Kinda shallow in a way. Dana gave me The Lovely Bones. that is supposed to be good... well she liked it.. how bad could it be. Then on the plane... ill be reading the five people you meet in heaven. I have been told that is a great book and to NOT watch th emovie before you read the book. Anyway... not much to say. well theres actually a lot to say but i dont wanna get into anything really. John Ringfield is home from Navy Boot camp. Josh had a party for him the day he got back.. it was a Summer in December theme.... not the greatest day to pick for that theme (it was the day after chriostmass when it snowed!) all the girls were freezing. but hey i took 2nd place in poker that night (out of about 16 people) not bad if i do say so myself. haven't played poker in awhile... i won then kinda retired. but playing against pete is tough stuff (yes melissa... Pete Grosso... from HS lol) funny stuff... anyway... im in a mellow mood now so i really dont feel like typing much.. after doing almost 12 hours at my job i dont really feel like doing much of anything honestly :) im goin out tonight for tom's 21st birthday probably... dunno where yet... ut we will see. Write more later.
Li // 8:04 PM


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