Don't go to the mall.. Ever... I was in such a good mood when I went to Target, found a cute dress for Hawaii (no bathing suits I liked) but hey... I have enough bathing suits already. I was still in a pretty good mood considering how tired I was. Then me (the idiot) decided to go to the mall for the second time this week. You think I would have learned the first time I went. It was twice as crowded. That didn't change the fact that I wanted boots( I returned the ones I got for xmas) and needed a belly button ring. ANYWAY... Nothing was accomplished by going to the mall. I even forgot my Vicky's card (I think I may have done that purposely in my subconscious) i was actualyl kind of mad because they are having their Semi-Annual sale and i need (want) all the cute stuff.. and its cheap now! lol anyway.. i came home in a shitty mood, all because of the mall. im so tired now also... it sucks... anyway... i gotta go take a shower before rich calls me when hes done at the gym and im not done :) <3 ya. mean it. bye.
Li // 5:08 PM


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