I have been so busy lately. I had 3 accounting tests last week and was soo stressed about it.... PMS and testing do not go together. Life is jstu whizzing right by me and I feel like I am standing still watching it all pass. It's getting to a poitn with a lot of things where i dont' really care anymore. well.. i care but there are things that i know I can do nothign ab out and there are other things where I just don't have time to deal with. That sounded really bad. Rich adn I are good,.. 2 and a half years and still going... like the freakign energizer bunnies... eww don't take that the wrong way. it wasn't meant in a peverted way hehe. School sucks as usual. 1 year left. I am supposed to get out in May but I doubt that is happening.. looking more like fall 2005. i will only be going part time though in the fall. I need to vent about something but I don't know who is going to read it and I don't want a certain someone to read it so i really can't type it here then! dammit! Well I am in charge of the football pool this year. (as if I wasn't busy enough) I dont' know why I volunteered just a lapse of sanity on my part I guess. its fun though. I lvoe things like this...I think me and jess are the only two girls in teh pool but we are the only two that follow football also. Playing poker a lot lately also. im glad that other people play b/c when i was a kid i played a lot then i never used to play. and I am glad im getting back into it again. Don't worry I am not being an obsessive gambler or anything. lolol Jsut a game here and there. I know how to spend and save my $. I won too so its not a total waste of $ either. Hmm well i should go.. tax accounting hw is calling my name...ugh
Li // 12:03 PM


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